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Are you considering employment?

If you would like to find a job and move straight into employment from Moor House College, we are here to help.

Your Speech and Language Therapist will be able to support you with:

  • To support student with job application (sending out applications, applying online);
  • SLT to support the practice of interview skills;
  • Transition Summary to be written and provided to parents This report must outline the students ‘description of difficulties’, ‘strategies to use when working with the student’, table of assessments and contact details for request of further information.
Where can I find a job?

A good place to start is to look at any vacancies in your local area, or contact your previous employers where you have completed work experience placements. Your SLT will be able to support you with this. 

You can also approach local businesses that you think you might enjoy working at and ask them if they have any vacancies, again your SLT can help you draft any letters of introduction that you can take with you. 

Where can I search for a job?

You can look through your local papers and through any of your local magazines for vacancies.   

You can also search for jobs by following the links below: