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Photography & Video consent

Within Moor House School & College (MHS&C), photographs are used routinely for record keeping and displaying student work and achievements. Videos are also used to record student performance at a particular skill; this can then be played back so they can observe and comment upon their work and learn ways to improve.

We also like to celebrate achievement and promote the school. Photos/video may be used on the website/social media, in marketing material or the print media and staff may use photos/video clips in presentations either internally or with professionals outside of school.

We maintain privacy by never putting a student’s full name next to their image in a way that makes them identifiable in content that is published externally. If an image is published, we will not use a full name alongside; and vice versa, if a full name is printed, we will not include an image alongside.

All photos/video used externally will be reviewed annually and updated or removed as appropriate.

We believe it is important to celebrate our students’ achievements and to promote the school and college so that more children can benefit from our support, however we are also sensitive and respectful to the wishes of parents who may not want their children’s image used in the manner described above.