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Could it be language? What every class teacher needs to know!

Parents and teachers should always consider if language could be a factor when a child has difficulties with learning, behaviour or mental health according to Dr Susan Ebbels, Director of the Moor House Research & Training Institute.

The Institute is at the forefront of research and training in the field of speech and language difficulties, sharing the benefits of the work at Moor House, a specialist School and College supporting students with Developmental Language Disorder (DLD).

DLD is a condition which presents problems understanding or using spoken language and affects just over 7% of the population, equating to 2 children in a class or 30.

Without support, it can be very isolating, making conversations and activities harder and increasing the risk of being bullied or lower academic achievement.

With the right support and learning environment however, children with DLD can reach their potential.

Now, the Moor House Research & Training Institute has made its ‘DLD – What every class teacher needs to know!’ training available FREE online. The video, with Specialist Teacher (SLCN) and Institute Trainer Sue Marr, provides a comprehensive introduction to DLD.

“DLD is a lifelong condition, but with specialist intervention and teaching those difficulties can have a much smaller impact” says Ebbels.

“Demand for places at Moor House is growing, but there is still much to be done to raise awareness of DLD.

“One of the key questions any parent or teacher should ask when a child has difficulties in school is ‘could it be language’?

“Are they following instructions? Are they having difficulty putting their sentences together?

“If you think it could be then it’s important to seek professional opinion through a referral to a Speech and Language Therapist via your school, GP or privately.”

Click here to listen to our ‘What is DLD’ Podcast.

Click here to access the FREE ‘DLD – What every class teacher needs to know!’ training.