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Specific Difficulties course

This half day course includes:

  • Developmental Language Disorder (DLD) - What every class teacher needs to know!
  • How to support pupils with DLD in the classroom - identifying strategies and resources that can be used by teachers and teaching assistants.
  • Exploring activities that can be used in class to support pupils who experience difficulties with word-finding, reading comprehension, narrative skills, vocabulary and word knowledge, grammar, phonological awareness and literacy skills.
Tutor: Sue Marr, Specialist Teacher (SLCN) & MHRTI Trainer

This course is run by Sue Marr, a specialist SLCN teacher from Moor House. Sue has extensive knowledge of devising and delivering a mainstream curriculum that has been highly differentiated for the language needs of the pupils in her class. She has worked alongside speech and language therapists for many years, ensuring that speech therapy can be integrated using a range of specialist systems.

This course can be tailored to meet the needs of your school or group. 

For more information and pricing please call 01883 712271 or email us.