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The Shape Coding Windows system App

For more information about the SHAPE CODINGTM system, please click here

We are delighted to now offer the SHAPE CODINGTM system App on Windows.

To celebrate, we are offering everyone a FREE 2 WEEK TRIAL, with prices starting from just £1.99 for a month thereafter.

To begin your FREE trial, simply download the app by clicking on the logo below.

If you downloaded this app prior to 12th March 2021, please download it again, to access conjunctions, dashed lines for feminine pronouns and information about resetting password.

 (Last updated 12th March 2021)

This is a new app and some overly-aggressive virus scanners may give a security warning that this is an “unrecognised app”. This app is safe, so please click on “more info” and then “run anyway”.

To purchase the app at one of the great prices below, please complete the form below and we will email you a code within two working days of receiving payment.

1 month £1.99
2 months £3.49
3 months £4.99
6 months £7.99
12 months £14.99