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Latest news from in and around Moor House School & College

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  • Published 18 Mar 2024

    New SHAPE CODING resources released

    A new set of intervention steps for level 1 targets have now been released on shapecoding.com. These provide a detailed guide for profession...
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  • Published 16 Oct 2023

    Talking DLD on Ridge Radio

    The biggest gift you can give to help someone with Developmental Language Disorder (DLD) is time, according to Specialist Teacher Sue Marr...
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  • Published 05 Oct 2023

    Dr Ebbels Receives RCSLT Fellowship

    The Royal College of Speech and Language Therapists (RCSLT) is to present Dr Susan Ebbels, Director of the Moor House Research and...
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  • Published 21 Sep 2023

    New Features Available on WOI online tool

    Users of The WHEEL OF INDEPENDENCE™ Framework can now benefit from a range of new resources which have been added to the online tool...
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  • Published 07 Sep 2023

    Talk DLD with a cup of tea

    Moor House parents and carers are invited to join us to ‘Talk about DLD with a cup of tea’ on Friday 20th October as part of our...
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  • Published 26 Jun 2023

    New resources and updates released on our SHAPE CODING website

    New resources have been released on shapecoding.com for professionals that provide a detailed guide to identifying and supporting a child...
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  • Published 30 Mar 2023

    ‘The Best DLD Explanation I’ve Heard’

    The Moor House Research & Training Institute were thrilled to present on Developmental Language Disorder (DLD) and the overlap with lite...
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  • Published 09 Dec 2022

    Developing Life Skills books on sale

    A series of books on developing life skills has been launched forming an essential guide for teaching and learning support staff working wit...
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  • Published 10 Nov 2022

    Anything is better than nothing. But is it?

    ‘Anything is better than nothing’ some say. But is it, though?
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  • Published 18 Jul 2022

    Join us at the Tes SEN Show 2022

    The Moor House Research & Training Institute are delighted to have been invited to speak about Developmental Language Disorder (DLD) for...
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  • Published 15 Jul 2022

    Save the date: 14th October 2022

    Moor House School & College will be joining others across the world in supporting Developmental Language Disorder (DLD) Awareness Day on...
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  • Published 17 Mar 2022

    Support our Life Skills Research

    Moor House Research & Training Institute are conducting a research study comparing the life skills development of children in mainstream...
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