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Institute launches new SHAPE CODING website

The Moor House Research & Training Institute is pleased to announce the launch of shapecoding.com, a new website for the SHAPE CODINGTM system. 

Designed by Speech & Language Therapist Dr Susan Ebbels at Moor House School & College, the SHAPE CODINGTM system is primarily used to teach spoken and written grammar to school-aged children with language disorders using a visual coding system, so they can communicate more effectively. 

The new website coincides with the launch of a new web app in addition to Android and Apple versions.  

The new web app is the most flexible version yet as it can be accessed on any device and used with screen sharing and remote control. In addition, the new website also includes a range of resources developed alongside the app, including a FREE spreadsheet to help you to identify grammatical targets and a CD of resources. Downloadable resources are coming soon. 

You can now access a Two-week FREE trial of the web app, with prices from just £1.99 per month thereafter.  

For more information and resources, visit the new website at shapecoding.com