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Latest news from in and around Moor House School & College

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  • Published 07 Jun 2023

    Year 7 places available for September 2025

    We are now accepting applications for Secondary Transfer, Year 7 for September 2025.
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  • Published 02 Feb 2024

    Dressing up for Digits

    Moor House joined thousands of schools across the country today (2nd February) in ‘Dressing up for Digits’ for Number Day i...
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  • Published 09 Jan 2024

    Our theme 'Celebrating Difference'

    Our theme this term is ‘Celebrating Difference.’ Within this theme we will have a different focus each month:
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  • Published 09 Jan 2024

    Friends Coffee Morning

    Friends of Moor House hosted a coffee morning on Wednesday 29th November, where members got to hear from Chair John Stevens and Principal He...
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  • Published 19 Dec 2023

    Pyjama Donations

    On Friday 8th December, the School Council assisted the Children’s Hospital Pyjama charity by helping to pack up pyjama donations.
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  • Published 28 Nov 2023

    Christmas Countdown 2023

    Our Moor House Christmas Countdown gets underway this Friday, 1st December.
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  • Published 20 Oct 2023

    Raising Awareness of DLD Around the World ​​​​​​​

    Students, staff and parents and carers at Moor House, a specialist School & College for children and young people with language disorder...
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  • Published 17 Oct 2023

    SLT Student Open Afternoon

    Moor House School & College is inviting all interested Speech and Language Therapists students to attend an open afternoon on Thursday 3...
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  • Published 16 Oct 2023

    Talking DLD on Ridge Radio

    The biggest gift you can give to help someone with Developmental Language Disorder (DLD) is time, according to Specialist Teacher Sue Marr...
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  • Published 05 Oct 2023

    Dr Ebbels Receives RCSLT Fellowship

    The Royal College of Speech and Language Therapists (RCSLT) is to present Dr Susan Ebbels, Director of the Moor House Research and...
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  • Published 21 Sep 2023

    New Features Available on WOI online tool

    Users of The WHEEL OF INDEPENDENCE™ Framework can now benefit from a range of new resources which have been added to the online tool...
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  • Published 19 Sep 2023

    Round the World Challenge

    Developmental Language Disorder Day (DLD) Awareness Day is celebrated annually around the world with more than 40 countries involved, and th...
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