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Therapy and Specialist Teaching hub

Present development
Goal: £2,377,200
Raised: £2,187,100

The next phase of our strategic development plan set out to deliver a new enlarged facility for Pottery and Design Technology and a specially designed Therapy and Specialist Teaching Hub.

The first element of Phase Four was successfully completed in Summer 2019 and involved the demolition of the Pottery and Design Technology (DT) building which was well beyond its useful life. It has been replaced with a new enlarged facility for DT and Pottery. This is a vital development because our students enjoy and do so well at these subjects and achieve outstanding results and because of the poor condition of the old building. The new building, which is now complete and ready for occupation, is fit for purpose and a third bigger than the old building. 

The second part of Phase Four, for which we are now seeking your support is a brand new two storey Therapy Hub building at the heart of the campus. This will involve the demolition of some very time expired buildings in this space and the building of a brand new Therapy Hub building bringing together our key Therapy facilities in one place. We have carefully assessed various options for the layout and scale of this new modular building and exactly which other buildings will be demolished. The current two storey option with a larger footprint has been decided upon as the most cost effective and suitable option to meet our future needs.

The new Therapy Hub will be about 726 sqm internal area and will include:
•    Two large interconnecting gross motor skills rooms
•    Two fine motor skills rooms
•    A sensory room
•    A physiotherapy room
•    Offices for the Head of therapy, OT team leaders and the OT team
•    Large group therapy room
•    Large group therapy room with a focus on transition to independent living and employment
•    Small group therapy room
•    Six speech and language therapy rooms
•    An EPG (electropalatography) suite

We will gratefully acknowledge any support you can give us for the above development.

To discuss further, please contact Tia on melbournet@moorhouseschool.co.uk or call 01883 712271