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For more information about the SHAPE CODINGTM system, please click here

“Our the SHAPE CODINGTM system app is designed for teachers and speech and language therapists / pathologists to use with children and young people who are having difficulties producing and understanding English sentence structure and grammar. For more information about the SHAPE CODINGTM system, please click here . The app covers construction of a range of sentence types, a wide range of verb tenses, plurals and coordination.

Features include:

  • Multiple “teachers” can use the app and each “teacher” can have multiple students. 
  • The app is personalised for each student and designed to be flexible so that professionals can adapt the levels and information displayed to suit the current levels and targets of individual students. 
  • Text-to-speech function, so that students who struggle to read can also use the app.
  • Up to 30 lines that can be stored and viewed via scrolling”

Online training

Learn the basics of the SHAPE CODINGTM system and how to use it with our online course. Click here for full details.

Watch these videos and try our free demonstration lite app or our free 2 week trial of our Windows app to see how it works.

For information about licensing for the windows app, please click here

Try our FREE the SHAPE CODINGTM system Lite app

We recommend that you install the free Lite version to ensure that the app works on your device before installing the paid version

Purchase the SHAPE CODINGTM system app 


Privacy Policy  

For bulk discounts (half price when ordering 20 or more) on the App Store click here or for Android or Windows users please contact us.

If you have any feedback please  email us


How does the SHAPE CODINGTM system App work?

There are several videos available on this page that demonstrate how to use the SHAPE CODINGTM system App. There is also a help button (the question mark button) inside the App which has more videos. This is specific to each area of the app, so please click on this anytime you have a problem. Please look through these as they should answer most of your questions

The app is asking me for a username and password. I don’t know what it is?

If it is the first time you have used the app you will need to create a new username and password. You can always create another new one under “create new teacher”. Each teacher has their own set of students. Whenever you login using your username and password, you will be able to see your students and their previous settings will be saved. If you have forgotten your username and password use “admin” in both the username and password boxes click "set password" and change password to a new one. Click "back" (top right) and now login with that new password.

I can’t see all the shapes – how can I see more? 

The default settings of the app show a limited number of shapes (so as not to confuse children who are just starting to use the app), but it is possible to add more. If you go into settings you are able to turn more shapes on so that they show in the App. Not all shapes are available in the Lite version, so please ensure you have installed the full paid version.

Can more than one person use the App? 

Yes, each App can have multiple teachers with multiple students, so it is possible for more than one person to use the App on the same device. One copy of the App is needed per device.   

How can I transfer my account/information on to another device? 

The App is installed on your device and there is no connection to the cloud, so all your information is stored on the device. So, there is no way of transferring information from one device to another. 

How safe is my data? 

All your data is saved within the device that your App has been downloaded onto. No information is stored in the cloud, everything is on the device, so your data is safe within the App.  

My App has frozen – what can I do? 

If you have tried reloading the App and this has not resolved the issue, then please email training@moorhouseschool.co.uk and let us know what device you are using. 

Can I change the accent of the narrator on the App? 

It is possible to use different voices with different accents and this can be set for each child. See the help video on the App within the “Edit Options” area of the Settings (click the question mark). 

Where are the photos stored?

On tablets they are stored in your photos. On the windows version of the app they are stored in Documents\ShapeCoding Screen Shots.

The license for my windows app has expired – how do I extend it?

For more information please go here 

Where do I add my licence code for my windows app?

When your free 2 week trial has expired, a box will come up which will enable you to add the code you have been sent.


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