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The Current Evidence base for school-aged children with DLD

This course aims to update Speech and Language Therapists (and other interested professionals) on the current evidence base for intervention for school-aged children with Developmental Language Disorder (DLD).

It focuses predominantly on the effectiveness of different methods of service delivery, comprehension and production at the word, sentence and narrative level. Small group discussions are actively encouraged to share ideas and challenges to practice.

This course is usually presented in a single day, but our next public course will be run online and split into 2 half days to allow attendance from other countries.

DAY 1 – 22nd November 2022, 0900-1300 GMT
Future dates: 25th April 2023

  1. Appraising the reliability of research evidence, including traffic light colour-coding system used throughout course.
  2. Evidence and discussion of methods and agents of delivery of intervention to children with developmental language disorder (where the details of the actual intervention approach not main focus).
    1. Tiered intervention model
    2. Evidence for Tiers 1, 2 and 3 and the role of SLTs in these levels
    3. Evidence-based pathways to intervention

DAY 2 – 23rd November 2022, 0900-1230 GMT
Future dates: 26th April 2023

Providing an overview of the evidence for or against specific intervention methods for different areas of language for children with DLD.

  1. Those attending just DAY 2 will be provided with a video from the first part of DAY 1 to watch in advance
  2. Sentence level
    1. Implicit grammar facilitation approaches,
    2. Explicit metalinguistic approaches
    3. Acoustically modified speech.
  3. Narrative approaches
  4. Word level
    1. Improving word learning and vocabulary
    2. Word finding difficulties

Throughout the course, attendees will be asked to reflect on their own practice in the light of the evidence presented and what changes they may wish to make. Traffic-light colour-coded summaries are provided at the end of each section. A comprehensive reference list is also provided. 

Trainer: Dr Susan Ebbels

Cost: £100 for each half day, £150 for whole course

We can also run this course for you, at your organisation or online, at a time and date that suits you.


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  • Date

    22 Nov - 22 Nov

  • Location

    Live via Zoom

  • Trainer

    Dr Susan Ebbels